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Almond Macaroon - Rich buttery cookies notes mixed with crushed almonds and sweet vanilla. So good!

Apple Cobbler Delight - Smell the delicious scent of hot apples, vanilla, pie crust, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg & just a splash of something special to make it different!!

Baked Apples - Sweet apples stuffed with nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla then baked to perfection. I like to eat mine with a little cream poured over top.

Baklava - Love, love, love this scent. It smells like filo dough, sweet cinnamon, nuts, and sugared honey glaze.

Bananas Foster - Fresh ripe bananas sauteed in butter, brown sugar, dark rum, cinnamon, and banana liqueur then served over vanilla ice cream.

Berry Sweet Cakes - A yummy blend of cherry and vanilla extracts mixed inot cake with hints of cinnamon and maple.

Birthday Cake - The best birthday cake scent ever..no kidding. The perfect blend of cake and frosting! All the joy and none of the calories.

Birthday Cheesecake Truffle - The delicious combination of vanilla birthday cake and sweet creamy cheesecake.  

Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies - Freshly baked butter cookies topped with sweet blackberry jam. Smells good enough to eat but don't!

Blueberry Lemon Loaf - Custom Blend - Plump blueberries tucked into a moist lemon cake. Quite possibly my favorite breakfast cake.

Blueberry Maple Pancakes -Wild Blueberries folded into fresh pancakes with a generous drizzle of warm maple syrup.

Brown Sugar Pie - Custom Blend - A southern favorite. A sweet brown sugar mixture poured into a flakey, homemade pie crust.

Butter Cake - The most rich and sweet vanilla pound cake scent I have ever smelled. No cherry, almond, or spice notes.

Buttered Maple SyrupSweet creamy butter blended with rich maple syrup mixed with hints of warm, rich vanilla.

Cafe Brulee - Toasted, sugared, coffee flan. Incredible and decadent. 

Cake Batter Ice Cream - Delicious yellow cake batter poured into sweet rich vanilla ice cream.

Caramel Sticky Buns - Fresh from the oven rolls with caramel drizzled on top.

Cherry PieA flaky pie crust filled with sweet cherries sprinkled with a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Cinnadoodle - Cinnamon chips in a sweet delicious cookie dough.

Cinnamon Glazed Fritters - Sweet cinnamon glazed fried fritters with notes of clove, nutmeg, ginger, and maple sugar.

Cinnamon Roll - Freshly baked sweet cinnamon rolls.

Coconut Cream Pie - Toasted coconut flakes, heavy cream and vanilla poured into a buttery crust.

Coconut Macaroon - A sweet and buttery baked macaroon made with rich almond paste, toasted coconut flakes and just a kiss of citrus zest. This scent really has that "just out of the oven smell".

Coffee Cake and SpiceA rich, buttery coffee cake with ribbons of sugary cinnamon throughout.  Delicious!

Creme Brulee - The most decadent, rich smelling creme brulee.

Fresh Baked Bread - The scent of warm, fresh baked bread and butter.

Fruit Loops - Identical to the cereal! Yummy!

Fudge Brownie - Dark chocolate fudge brownies with walnuts.  Delicious!

Gingerbread Boy - Freshly baked sweet gingerbread with vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Glazed Lemon Cookie - Custom Blend - Sweet soft lemon cookies covered with a warm sugary lemon glaze.

Granny's Kitchen - Much like my Granny's kitchen, this scent smells like sweet yellow cake, cinnamon and nutmeg that will tempt your tummy.

Granny's Pie Crust - The smell of baked pastry perfection.

Grecian Delight - Custom Blend - Wow!  A customer requested scent.  The heady combination of sweet bakery dough, nuts, cinnamon covered in a rich warm caramel sauce.  This is delicious! 

Honey Graham Pie Crust - A sweet graham cracker pie crust mixed with cinnamon and a touch of honey waiting to be filled with something decadent.

Hot Apple Pie - Custom Blend- An amazing freshly baked apple pie with subtle spices. Super strong and delicious!

I Heart Cake - Pure sugary, sweet cake.

Iced Cherry Chip Cake - A white cake filled with bits of chopped maraschino cherries and smothered in a fluffy whipped vanilla buttercream.

Jelly DonutSweet fried dough glazed with vanilla sugar and yummy strawberry jam.

Lemon Lavender Scones - The elegant combination of lemon, a touch of lavender and bakery notes make this a winning combination.  Email me for my favorite Lemon Lavender Scone recipe!

Lemon Meringue Pie - The aroma of lemon custard topped with a creamy vanilla meringue.

Lemon Pound CakeDecadent buttery pound cake laced with fresh grated lemon zest and drizzled with sugary icing.

Lemon Squares - Rich, sweet lemon cream filling poured over a moist, flaky crust and dusted with powdered sugar.

Mint Angel Cake - Custom Blend - Rich, moist white cake with notes of peppermint candies and vanilla. Absolutely delicious!

Orange Caramel Cake - Sweet ribbons of caramel blended into a moist orange cake.

Orange Coconut Cream Torte - Custom Blend - Sweet coconut cream layered between slices of orange chiffon cake and covered in whipped cream.

Orange Pound Cake - Sweet orange, creamy vanilla, and yellow cake mixed to perfection and smothered in a sweet sugar glaze. This is a favorite in our house.

Original Glazed (Donut) - Hot fresh donuts covered with a sugar glaze.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Pineapple slices, brown sugar, and yellow cake with undertones of warm vanilla. This smells divine.

Pistachio MacaroonSuper sweet and nutty.  Sugared pistachios, amaretto cream combined with sweet, crunchy vanilla butter cookies.

Pretzel Nuggets - The delicious aroma of freshly baked pretzels brushed with butter and sprinkled with salt flakes.

Smores - Melted marshmallow, yummy chocolate and crisp graham crackers.

Snickerdoodle Cookie - The "best" cinnamon sugar cookie ever invented!

Spiced Strudel - Cinnamon, sugar, vanilla and creamy butter nestled in between layers of flaky dough.

Strawberry Jam Butter Cookie - A rich, delicious butter cookie filled with sugary sweet strawberry preserves.

Strawberry Pound Cake - A yellow pound cake topped with sugared strawberries.

Sugar Cookie - Warm sweet cookies sprinkled with sugar crystals.

Sugar Cookie Dough - Thick and rich sweet vanilla cookie dough.

Vanilla Sugared Shortbread - The rich aroma of freshly baked shortbread sweetened with vanilla and topped with sugar crystals.

Waffle Cone - Freshly baked waffle cones. Got Ice Cream?

Yellow Cupcake - Mouthwatering scent of freshly baked yellow cupcakes.

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